The ABA Center for Innovation officially launched on September 1, 2016, with a mission to encourage and accelerate innovations that improve the affordability, effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of legal services. During its first quarter of operations, the Center took significant initial steps towards this goal:

  • Hiring staff
  • Convening the Center’s Governing and Advisory Councils and establishing committees that are implementing the Center’s action plan
  • The Center drafted a Business Plan in order to support the Center’s fundraising efforts and to frame the Center’s work for its various stakeholders. The Business Plan contains a mission statement, describes the Center’s services, provides a market analysis, identifies the Center’s management team and leadership, and offers an overview of the Center’s financial plan and potential funding sources.
  • The Center drafted an Action Plan in order to identify its operating principles and articulate the specific goals and objectives that the Center will pursue through its committees and staff.
  • Collaborating on projects that advance the Center’s mission:
    • Assisting the ABA Judicial Division and the New York State Unified Court System with an online dispute resolution pilot project for consumer debt cases, as supported by an ABA Enterprise Fund Award
    • Assisting the Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services with a legal checkup tool, as supported by an ABA Enterprise Fund Award
    • Assisting various entities to develop an app that assists Louisiana homeowners who have been affected by severe flooding and who need to collect legal documents to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance
    • Coordinating with various entities to design an app that facilitates the reporting of hate crimes
    • Developing a process for vetting other possible projects and initiatives
    • Initiating the creation of an innovation clearinghouse to document the range of innovations occurring within the U.S. and abroad

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